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Next Gen EPOS Terminals



With Presto Express your waiters can take orders directly at the table using our handheld devices. Once completed this order will instantly print on the kitchen so your waiters can focus on serving customers rather than going back and forth to the kitchen.


All orders placed by waiters will instantly print on the kitchen thanks to our wireless rapid order technology. Thanks to our intelligent ordering features all your drink orders will be printed on the bar while your kitchen orders goes to the kitchen.


Increase your Restaurant’s Efficiency further with the use of our wireless kitchen communication features. Your front of house staff can now call starters, mains, drinks or desserts without going to the kitchen saving time to serve other hungry customers.


Our unique table view will help restaurant managers to be more productive during busy hours. At a glance it will give you an overview of the entire restaurant, status of each table, which course they are in, what time they have been called etc.


Whether your customers are paying together or want to pay separately, Presto Express can do them all. At checkout you can easily split the bill by items or equally among no of customers.


With Presto Express you can manage your restaurant online from anywhere. Log in to our cloud management console and all your staff, customers, menus and table will be at your fingertips.


Presto Express Golden Lines Reporting provides a rich and graphical insight in to your restaurant. Whether you want to find bestselling items, this month’s item sales report or just want to get a glimpse of today’s sales, log in to our Golden Lines Cloud Console from anywhere in the world.


Although everything relies on internet these days, our software only uses internet to provide additional cloud features which are not mission critical to restaurant activities. So with Presto Express you can have a peace of mind even when the internet disappears.


Whether you customers want to pay by cash, card or combination of two, Presto Express can handle multiple Hybrid Payments easily. Thanks to our Integrated Payments Partner, we can offer pay at table features including print, split the bill & close the table functionalities from the card terminal itself.


With Presto Express Clock in Clock out service all your staff can be monitored accordingly. Based on these data, graphical reports can be generated on all your employees.


Whether you have separate breakfast, lunch and dinner menus or just need to add a temporary menu for the festive season, Presto Express can handle them all. Our multiple menu selection feature enables you to maintain hundreds of menus in a single restaurant.


With Presto Express you can track all your money coming in to the business and going out of the business. Just add a pay-out for all your stock deliveries and pay in for any money returns and generate reports of them end of the month for your accounts.


Whether you want to offer discounts to regular premium customer or everybody gets a discount at festive season, Presto Express can handle multiple levels of discounts at a touch of a button.


All of our devices will be communicating wirelessly making it easier for your staff to manage orders directly at the table. Even our printers and cash drawers are made wireless to provide a seamless hassle free experience.


With Presto Express your staff will have different facilities available to them based on their user level so you don’t need to worry about any mischief business going on.

UK's No 1 Android EPOS System

Presto Express makes taking orders, running your business and forecasting sales easier.

Choose from a range of solutions to help make running your business easier.

Mobile Service EPOS

Portable Mobile EPOS for Mobile Food Trucks & Outlets

Quick Service EPOS

Takeaway EPOS for Quick Service Food Outlets

Full Service EPOS

Restaurant EPOS for Fine Dining Restaurant 

Strategic Management EPOS for larger or chain establishments

Want to give it a try?

Download a free trial on to your android tablet


We understand that every business is different,

so we offer you different solutions to

help make service, ordering and management easier.

Put presto express on your menu to make your restaurant more efficient

And help you waste less time, money and food

Featured Products

Simplify EPOS Terminal

Simplify EPOS Terminal

NextGen EPOS with Customer Display

NextGen EPOS with Customer Display


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What Our Customers Say


Owner, Amigos Mexican Kitchen

Tailor made to our requirements

Tailor made to our requirements , would highly recommend , support team is very helpful and always prompt.


Owner, Sai Nivas

Hassle free, quick

and easy

I have been using Presto Express for couple of years now and it has been a great asset to my business. Its really easy to use and its lightning fast. Making changes to my menu was really easy and I can always check whats happening in my restaurant from anywhere which made my life quite easy.


Owner, Urban Choola

I use presto express in

all of my restaurants

I use presto express in all of my restaurants, great product and amazing service. It makes order taking so much easier.

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