Kitchen Displays makes it easy to manage your kitchen's order process

With our end to end order management, you can seamlessly send all your front of house orders to the kitchen, with a touch of a button.

Complete End-to-End Order Management

With our integrated solutions, you can add any number of displays or even printers to any number of stations in your kitchen. Our intelligent order mapper will split each item to different displays or printers based on your requirements. 

Mix & Match

Customisable color codes

Colour code orders based on time to make sure that your kitchen runs smoothly and efficiently. You can easily set up the time thresholds for each status per display making it easy to manage time in each station. 

Customisable Grid

With our per terminal customisations features, you can set the perfect grid size to suit your needs. You can also easily adjust the font size per your needs while using in realtime.

Automatic Bump

Too busy to bump each order separately? Not to worry, our automatic bump feature will automatically bump the order after a preset time so that you can focus on more important work during busy times.

Recall Orders

You can easily recall previously bumped orders back to the screen with a touch of a button. 

Online & Mobile



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Handheld Waiter

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We understand that every business is different, so we offer you different solutions to help make service, ordering and management easier

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