Self-service kiosks help to save money and increase profits

Easily upsell orders by letting customers order themselves. Research shows that when customers have the freedom to browse and order without people rushing behind the cashier, they order more and select more value-added options.

You can also reduce the number of cashiers, saving you £££ in wages allowing the kiosks to pay for themselves.

Save Money, Increase Profits

Our self-service kiosks come in two different sizes to match your needs. The bigger 24" kiosk can be mounted on to a wall, placed on a counter, or can be fixed to an optional floor stand.

The smaller 15.6" kiosk can be mounted on to a wall or placed on the counter for customer access. 

More variations for more scenarios

Our self-service kiosks can be connected to an integrated card terminal for customers to pay and finalise order directly.

If your business works with more cash payments compared to the card, we can also provide automated cash recyclers so your customers can pay by cash directly on to the kiosk.

We also provide pay at counter options so that your customers can place the order on the kiosk and come pay at the counter.

Accept Cash and Card Payments

Bespoke branded design

We understand that self-service kiosks are the first interaction of your customers with your business. That's why we created our self-service kiosks in a way that can be easily branded to match your business.

  • Seamlessly integrates with all presto express products

Orders placed on the kiosk will be synced with all other EPOS terminals in realtime.  Furthermore, they will instantly print on all allocated printers and appear in all allocated kitchen displays. If you have a collection display, the order no will popup in the preparing side of the collection display. With this seamless integration, you can mix and match any of our devices to suit your needs.

  • Can be used in both takeouts and dine in scenarios

Customers can specify whether they like to order for dine-in or for takeout. However, if you are providing only takeout or only dine-in, then the kiosk can be configured to work with a single mode.

  • Continous ongoing support from our team

Our team at Presto Express will always be there as a part of your business from day one onwards. We will set up the entire menu, add images, configure the brand and get the devices to you ready to run. 

  • State of the art serverless technology

All presto express products use state of the art serverless technology where all your orders will not rely on a central server. So there will be no single point of failer and you can have peace of mind that everything will always be running smoothly.

  • Upsell via customisable options

With our self-service kiosk, you can add any number of upselling and customisable options with images to any of your items on the menu easily. 

  • Works offline

All our products work offline as they communicate via the local network. This makes sure that you can run your business smoothly even if your internet goes down.

  • No more staff errors

With a self-service kiosk and our end to end order management, you can make sure that there are no incorrect orders processed anymore.

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We understand that every business is different, so we offer you different solutions to help make service, ordering and management easier

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