NextGen EPOS with Customer Display

NextGen EPOS with Customer Display

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This POS Package is ideal for small to medium takeaways looking to enhance their point of sale experience. 


Presto Express is a simple, yet a powerful point of sale solution designed specifically for Takeaways to help improve the customer’s experience, reduce the staff’s workload and help ensure that as a manager, you have the data you need to plan more strategically.

Secure & Safe


  • Multiple Waiter, Cashier and Manager logins to easily control access to the EPOS functionalities.
  • Easy to use, pin-based number pad to log in.


#Caller ID Support (optional)



  • Easily handle Collection and Delivery orders by using our caller ID feature. 
  • Seamlessly integrated with Comet USB Caller ID module.
  • Record your customer details once and recall them whenever they call again.


Multiple Modes in Single Screen


  • Takeaway Mode for walk-in takeaway customers.
  • Collection Mode for over the phone takeaway customers.
  • Deliveries Mode for over the phone takeaway delivery customers.


Sales management


  • Print customer receipts
  • Pay by splitting either by equal split or itemise split.
  • Offer Discounts by percentage or by value.
  • Multiple Payment Options - Card, Cash, Voucher, Online etc.


Works Offline


Presto Express is designed to work offline so that you can continue using it no matter what.


Manage Paid In/Outs


Maintain all your paid ins & paid outs and generate reports appropriately.


Benefits of using Presto Express


Cut the time your front of house staff spends walking to the kitchen by 50%.

By automatically printing the orders to the kitchen, bar and/or counter, your front of house staff will be saving a considerable amount of time walking back and forth from the kitchen. Staff will also save time inputting orders onto a digital system at the counter.


Save annually on wasted food

How many times does your chef get frustrated with poorly written orders? How many mistakes are made in a week, month and even a year because of this? By making your food service digital, you will be saving time, money, reputation and reduce staff frustrations as it is quick and easy to input orders.


Access to Golden Lines

The Golden Lines is a free takeaway management portal which collates all of the ordering data into visual graphs. These graphs aim to make it easier for you to find out what the popular dishes on the menu are when to expect peaks and troughs and even help you to forecast what food you need to order in the future.


Make instant changes to your menu

Not only is updating your menu each season made easier, the cloud-based system makes updating the menus instant so that you can update the menu daily based on what is in stock or update the specials menu.


Works offline

Going digital could be worrying if your system relies on the internet. However, our system works offline too, so that you can continue using it no matter what.


Increase your takeaway's efficiency by investing in the Presto Express and it will help you to...


􏰀  REDUCE wastage by making food ordering digital.

􏰀  ENGAGE with your employees.

􏰀  COMMUNICATE with your customers.

􏰀  INNOVATE by updating your menu on a regular basis.

􏰀  PERSONALISE your customer's experience.

􏰀  EVALUATE what works and what doesn’t.

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